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L'Americana #28 par Christophe Marty

Playlist des artistes et Titres de l’Americana Episode 28

Radie Peat et Daragh Lynch (Lankum) “Hares the Mountain”

Laura Marling et Johnny Flynn “The Water”

Mary Wallopers “Smuggling the Tin”

Joni Mitchell “Case of You”

Lisa O’Neill “Rock the Machine”

Ben Todd et Keith Smith “What makes me Think”

Matt Heckler “ Aint no Ash will Burn”

Sierra Ferrell “Hey Me, Hey Mama”

Radie Peat (Lakum) “My Bonny Boy”

Jason Dea West “ Aint no Place like a Family Farm”

Two Runners “Devil’s Rowdydow”

Lankum “The Rocky Road to Dublin”

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