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L'Americana #25 par Christophe Marty

Votre émission L'Americana Episode 25 ! et oui 2 ans de Folk, de Rock, de Blues, de Country et plein d'autres choses.

Playlist des artistes et Titres de l’Americana Episode 25 Gregory Alan Isakov “She always takes it black” The Bandit Queen “Caroline” Lacy Nelson “Old Fashionned” Sixto Rodriguez “Sandrevan Lullaby: Lifestyles” RL-Burnside “See my jumper hanging on the line 1978” Tyler Childers “Follow you to Virgie” Cam Cole “Live in Piccadilly Circus London” Jason Isbell “Travelling Alone” Libby DeCamp “On the Range” Sam Shackelton “Green and Yellow” Clifton Hicks “All You Fascists Bound to Lose” (Woody Guthrie, 1944) Suzanne Vega "Undertow Live at the Speakeasy"

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