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Les Transversales 147-lundi 15 novembre (musiques de film)

1/ LOU REED - see that my grave is kept clean (the soul of a man, Wim Wenders)

2/ MARC RIBOT - dark was the night, cold was the ground (the soul of a man, 2003)

3/ ARLO GUTHRIE - the motorcycle song (Kurt Cobain, about a son, 2007)

4/ LEAD BELLIE - the bourgeois blues (K.C., about a son)

5/ PJ HARVEY - is that all there is ? (basquiat, Julian schnabel, 1996)

6/ TOADIES - I’m not in love (the Talking Heads) (basquiat)

7/ BAD BRAINS - banned in D.C. (K.C., about a son)

8/ SCRATCH ACID - owner’s lament (K.C., about a son)

9/ ERICH WOLFGANG KORNGOLD - glück das mir verblieb (the big Lebowski)

10/ GORAN BREGOVIC & IGGY POP - get the money (Arizona dream, Emir Kusturica)

11/ EMIR KUSTURICA & GORAN BREGOVIC - this is a film (Arizona dream, 1993)

12-14/ WARREN ELLIS - aunts pepare - the tunnel home - time to run, time to drive (Mustang, Deniz Gamze Ergüven, 2015)

15/ GORAN BREGOVIC - gypsy reggae (Arizona dream)

(illustration : Jean-Michel Basquiat)

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